Zach Hand

Zach Hand

Zach Hand

Marketing Strategist.
Zach recently graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a major in advertising and communications. His early days of making Minecraft YouTube videos lead him down the road to digital marketing. Zach is a lead Marketing Strategist at FitTech Hosting and loves to think outside the box to help our clients and promote the agency.
Amanda Schultz, FitTech Hosting Marketing Strategist
Reach out to Amanda by Phone at (833) FIT-TECH x9597 or shoot her an email via [email protected]

Marketing Monday

A video segment staring Amanda Schultz where she shares short, simple tips, for small business marketing.

Amanda’s Words of Wisdom

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Getting Personal

Outside of work, Amanda coaches the JV2 Girl’s Volleyball Team at Waukesha West High School. She has played volleyball for 11 years and loves to be a part of the sport in any way possible while sharing her passion and knowledge with the team.

Amanda currently resides in North Prairie, WI where she loves spending time with her family, friends, and dog.

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