WiFi Marketing

What R.O.I. are you getting on providing WiFi to your customers?

Don’t forget about the most important audience to market to…

your existing customers!

How it works

The four steps to success.

1) Give us a call

We’ll tailor your WiFi Hotspot to do exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll either focus your campaign on growing your Facebook page, growing your email list or growing your phone number list. Once we have that information, we’ll send you all the hardware necessary and pre-configured.

2) Plug-in the hotspot…

Receive your fresh, new, hot-spot in the mail, take it out of the box, plug one end into an outlet and plug the other end into the router. All the cables you need are included. The second it’s plugged-in, your WiFi is ready for your customers to use. Have any issues? Give us a call!

3) Just sit back and collect…

Your customers will be thankful for your free wifi access, and your email list or social media page will be growing faster than you can handle. But you can handle it because we’re here!

4) Market to your Customers

Now that you have the data, let’s do something with it! FitTech Hosting will help you create an email campaign and also send it off to all of your customers, at no extra cost.

Wifi Network List - iPhone
Splash Page Example
eMail Example

❓ “I have a question”

Will this break/slow down my current network?

Our service leaves your router completely intact, not leaving the opportunity for something to break. However, it is known that the more users you have on your network, the more likely it will slow down. Our service allows you to set time limits or bandwidth limits for users to help mitigate this.

How secure is it?

Our hotspot service secludes the guest network from your normal network making it quite secure.

What if I have more than five locations?

We offer special pricing for more locations. Contact us for a custom quote.


Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts! However, we suggest you try the service for at least three months to see the most effective results.

How much does it cost?


$3499monthly per location
  • We’ll setup the customer experience exactly how you want it…
  • We’ll help you create the perfect email campaign…
  • We’ll send out your emails…
  • You’ll be prospering!

Ready to get started?

Call us at (833) FIT-TECH or click below.

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