Telecom Solutions

FitTech Hosting offers one of the best landline phone services at the best price in the state of Wisconsin! Unlimited Minutes, Interactive Voice Response, limitless features, and oh, you can call people too.

Landline (VoIP)

  • No Limit On Your Minutes (Both U.S. & Canada)
  • No Long Distance Fees
  • Virtual Receptionist/IVR
  • Voicemail + Digital Voicemail
  • Ring Groups + Multi-Device Ring
Are there any contracts?

For PBX/VoIP/Landline Telecom services, we typically impose a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year contract term depending on the specifics of our agreement with you and your company.

How many “Lines” do I need?

“Phone Lines” has become a dated term describing physical wiring ran to a phone or a phone system. With our VoIP service, one data line is running to a phone, or to a wireless base station that allows for more functionality and less cabling.

However, in our pricing model, we refer to lines as the number of inbound/outbound calls that your company can handle at once. 3 Lines is equal to 3 concurrent calls. 

  • Conference Calls use one line per party
  • Calls transferred to an external number are using one phone line.


Can I keep my same number?

Transferring over your number to FitTech Hosting’s services is as simple as signing your name on the dotted line. Upon signing up, we will work along with your existing carrier to port your existing number over to our services.

Otherwise, if you want a new number, we can make that happen too!

FCC Notes:

  • Once you request service from a new company, your old company cannot refuse to port your number, even if you owe money for an outstanding balance or termination fee.

Superior Service, Competitive Pricing...

Vanity Numbers

Make your brand easier to remember with vanity phone numbers tailored to your business...

Own a carpet cleaning business? Having the number (833) 9CARPET is the number for you. Run a small local coffee shop? How about (262) 372-CAFE?


58% of consumers prefer to reach a local business by dialing a vanity 800 number, rather than a local number or numeric toll-free number.1

No matter your line of business, we have a number for you, with unlimited choices to pick from.

Digital Faxing and SMS

Having a dedicated fax machine isn't always worth it in today's fax-less society... With our solutions, you're able to receive faxes and text messages right in your email inbox, and send them just as easily as sending an email.


  • Includes 150 Pages or Text Messages
  • eMail Notifications


  • Includes 350 Pages or Text Messages
  • eMail or SMS Notifications

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