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Telecom Solutions

Here at FitTech Hosting, we believe in simplicity and affordability. Our phone (voice) services are a flat $35/month with each additional line being only $30/month, unlimited minutes, great customers service, and best of all... It works with your existing phone system whether it's POTS/Analog or VoIP.


  • No Limit On Your Minutes
  • Works with Existing Analog or VoIP Devices
  • Included Voicemail + Digital Access

Digital Faxing

Businesses in the modern-day receive few faxes, but having a fax line can come in handy at times. Competitors can be charging around $50 per line per month while FitTech offers digital faxing services for a per fax rate, plus a small monthly service fee. No equipment required.


  • *$0.035/Page
  • eMail Notifications


  • *0.03/Page
  • eMail or SMS Notifications

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