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I started FitTech Hosting in 2017 with the core trait of transparency. I wanted there to be a way for business owners to gain help marketing their new business without shelling out $10k for a website, or sleazily getting them to sign multi-year contracts that they don’t quite grasp. I encourage clients to talk to me like I’m their best friend and I’ll treat them the same way.

We’re a relatively small but fast-growing marketing firm. Currently, we have a few employees that are dedicated to client projects but we have roughly a dozen contractors that each have unique specialties that we pull on projects when certain expertise is needed. It’s great having someone that you can handoff a project to, knowing that it’ll get done right and on time.

Johnathan Martin, Agency Director

Johnathan Martin at Desk

The team that makes it happen…

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Natalie Schmeichel

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Johnathan Martin

After working in the corporate world as a Marketing Director at a Fortune-50 insurance company for a few years I decided to drop the corporate bullshit and apply my creative marketing skills where they could have a greater impact on the small-business community. […]call it repressed rebellion, but I’ve made FitTech Hosting into something far different from a company with a bunch of corporate suits. We’re the creative agency that appeals to people, we’re the creative agency that put’s people over profit, we’re the creative agency for your project.

–  Johnathan Martin, Agency Director