How secure is it?


Our hotspot service secludes the guest network from your normal network making it quite

How secure is it?2019-02-02T19:40:22+00:00

Are there any contracts?


There are no contracts! However, we suggest you try the service for at least three

Are there any contracts?2019-02-02T19:28:21+00:00

How much does it cost?


We'll setup the customer experience exactly how you want it... We'll help you

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Are there any contracts?


For PBX/VoIP/Landline Telecom services, we typically impose a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year contract term

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Can I keep my same number?


Transferring over your number to FitTech Hosting's services is as simple as signing your

Can I keep my same number?2018-12-03T01:21:27+00:00